Alcoholic activists

Muzaffarpur is the small town in India's most backward state, Bihar. Most of the people depend on agriculture on their livelihood here. Cases of Desi Daru have been reported here in the last couple of years. They spent huge part of their earning in taking drink and smoking smack. SJKSS, our NGO that works for the welfare of people, has been able to cut alcoholic activities by a whooping 90 per cent in Muzzafarpur. This counts as a big achievement on the part of the organization. It was made possible after the NGO informed people about the ill-effects of drinking in several small events organized in the town.

Earn and Learn

Since its inception, SJKSS has been empowering people to learn programs and earn thereof. We have been giving Village level, semi urban area and urban area various small earn and learn program.

Changing women

We primarily work to change the lifestyle of women whose entire lives revolve around their husbands and children. Most of the women are confined to just cooking, cleaning and looking after their families. We make women society leaders and give them proper technical education for their livelihood. As part of the drive, we have transformed the lives of over 500 hundred women.

Toilets first

In July 2010, Motihari, a small district in Bihar, was making news for a unique sanitation revolution that was taking place in its rural areas. As part of an ambitious drive to convert dry toilets into pour flush latrines, the then District Magistrate, SJKSS, had begun the mammoth task of identifying and converting over 60,000 dry toilets there. With a meager sum of Rs 1,500 needed for the conversion, it looked as if the women and girls of this backward region would finally have the benefit of a toilet in their homes, saving them from the shame of having to relieve themselves in the open.