Aims & Objects of the Society

The main objective of the society is to help people initiate social change through awareness and motivation. People are divided by different forces which develops a feeling of exploitation among major rural people. The society makes and efforts to bridge the gap between have and have notes by creating public opinion and demonstrations on various issues affecting the local people. Training programme are organized to give more skill and knowledge about under standing the socio economic and cultural system of the area.

Mission of the Society

The organisation's mission is to " Bring change in the lives of underprivileged people by doing every possible effort for their overall development".

Vision of the Society

Every deprived person would be able to earn his livelihood and live with peace.

N.E.A.C 2014-15

These programmes are organised by our organization, in support of 'Rural Youth Coordination Centre' Patna conducted by Environment Ministry. In this programme more than 450 people are participated and we deliberate on pollution control and warming compost issues.


A Camp was organized on environmental awareness to make the people aware about how our environment is so important. Many teachers, professors, social workers, and expert of environment control etc. were attended the prog


A camp organized on women empowerment, in this camp 275 women are awaked. In this camp main subject are anti-dowry, child marriage etc. Resource person came from University Lecturer and Expert in this field. They were also told about their legal right. We also arranged a training prog. for themselves in cutting and sewing. This will help them to be self- employed.


Voluntary services are also encouraged among youth to help the illiterate people on the occasions they required. Changing in the social evils society organise a cultural show on these evils i.e. anti dowry, child marriage, family planning etc. Local area 2,500 people are enjoying and benefited through this programme. Main focus was on Anti dowry and child marriage and family planning. In village level these thing are very harmful for new generation.